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amazing photographer
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Thursday, June 19, 2008

back to reality

We had an amazing time at family camp! We did NOT want to come home.  

One week without the computer, cell phone, t.v---does wonders for the soul.  We were able to spend time with old friends, meet new friends, enjoy an awesome speaker for the parents, watch the kids run around with their counselors and just have an all around relaxing week of togetherness.  

The theme for the week was how to have a successful family in today's culture.  It was encouraging to first think about what our definition of a successful family is and then begin to articulate our vision for how to get there.  What are some things that your family does to combat all the world throws at us today??

I highly recommend family camp as a family vacation.  It is a vacation with a purpose and we loved it!!!

No news on the adoption front. I am having a hard time today with that but continue to trust in the Lord and His provision for our family. We got the most precious video of A when we got home!! He is so beautiful- we can't wait to go get him. Praying that it is soon!!


A Team said...

Hey sweet friend! I am so sorry you are having a tough day today. I miss you!
So glad you had such a wonderful time at camp. WHAT A GIFT!

It looks amazing!

You are loved!

homeschoolmomrookie said...

Glad yall had a great time. Also, that yall all got home safely. Just keeping looking at A's precious face and remember he will be home soom.

Love ya

Holli said...

does look so fun! glad you had a great week! heres to husbands never having to work and getting to be on vacation forever!

The Breedlove family said...

What a fun time! It is amazing to see how much your kids have grown since I started reading your blog (like a year ago). Can't wait to see your little one in the pictures too...with his brothers and sisters.


Amy said...

Welcome back! Your camp sounds like it was amazing and a good family break away! We are hoping you guys get to your sweet guy soon too! How great to have a video of him though!

Lori said...

What a wonderful trip!! I'm so thrilled you got that down time before coming back!

A video!!!???!! Wow! That is wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!

I hate it when you're gone! :( Me sad!!

Today escaped me w/painting a room (for you know who) and I never had the chance to call, but I've been thinking of you guys a ton... Let's talk soon?! Welcome home!

Amy said...

I just had to come back sweet Emily. I was just lounging in the sunshine and thinking about what a beautiful family the Alexanders are. Truly, you all are. Can't wait for baby A to join the group and add more beauty!

Ellen said...

So glad you guys had a great time and got home safely. I'll have to DRIVE over to see ya'll sometime. (I got my driver's permit the other day, so keep your kids off the street! :)

Happy Mommy said...

Hey! I just wanted you to know that I love reading your blog and am fascinated by the adoption process. What a sweet witness of living out your faith--knowing through all of the ups and downs that God is sovereign and has your precious baby in the palm of His hand. I'm thrilled for you.

Hauswife said...

Oh, I'm so glad camp was great! Yea! I've been praying for you guys, praying for A, and missing being in touch with you, my friend. Maybe I can pursuade Michael about next year... :)
I'm sorry you don't have any news yet... It'll come soon, sister. Very soon.
Love you, girl!

The Albertsons said...

Sorry you have to come back to reality... but hopefully that reality will have you in Ethiopia reallllly soon :).


it was super great to hear your voice the other day ... i am so glad that camp renewed you and i pray for adoption news soon ... what a great question ... WHAT IS A SUCCESSFUL FAMILY ... it is something we should all reflect on .... i love ya sister

David and Marianne said...

oh my goodness... i just stumbled on your blog and saw your pics from family camp and i thought, "that HAS to be Kanakuk!" and it was!!! sorry, I worked there for a couple summers in college and it was HEAVEN on EARTH, so I'm so excited when I see others connected with that AMAZING place : )

We are adoption also... from Guatemala. She will be coming home forever in just a few weeks!! Where are you all adopting from??

Amber said...

Sounds like an awesome camp! See you in the 28th!

These Three Kings said...

praying for you! so glad you had a chance to get away!
i just tagged you on my blog! cant wait to read your response! love you!!!

Jennifer said...

How fun does that sound?! Congratulations on keeping such a wonderful focus on your family.

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