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amazing photographer
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Tuesday, August 9, 2011


We just had an amazing long weekend in Cabo.  An early 40th bday celebration for me.  I have been looking forward to it for months and the morning before we left, I threw my back out.  Like couldn't get up from the floor for almost 2 hours threw my back out.  I have never experienced pain like that.  My kids were great, doing all they could to help, but it just kept going into spasms every time I tried to move.

Finally Abe's awesome physical therapist walked through the door and saw me on the floor.  She decided that I was most likely the more needy patient and spent time getting me to sit up, massaged my back and eventually got me to my feet!  My neighbors and friends were amazing, bringing me medicine, taking kids, etc to help me feel better.  So the long list of all I needed to do that day to get ready just got pushed aside.

I was going to get on that plane though!!!  I got into a massage therapist and she worked me over to where I could move without terrible pain.  I threw a few things into a suitcase late that night and the next morning we were on our way.  Our friends were very gracious as they waited on me to catch up........I walked like I was about 90 years old. :)

It was all we hoped for.  Relaxing.  Incredible food and lots of it.  Great fellowship.  Much laughter.  Blessed for sure!

(I only had a few pics on my phone, others took more pics.)

In adoption related news......heading to Mexico is a great way to get your mind off of obsessing over court closures and such.......trusting in His timing, not my own.


Jen said...

Ahhhh! Perfect timing. Both His and the trip :)

Stacy said...

I think maybe me and my husband should take a trip to Cabo ;)
Glad you had a great time!

The Stiffs said...

Happy Birthday!!! So glad to hear you managed a good time through all that. Throwing out a back is not fun.

Oatsvall Team said...

so sorry your back went out sister, but so glad you got on the plane and had a relaxing time ... your angel will be home soon !!! do you like how I planned my trip so I could come see her over spring break !!! hee hee ...


Erica said...

Back pain is the worst!!! Glad you had an amazing time - I need some Cabo time me thinks. :)

Henley on the Horn said...

Happy early 40th! How wonderful that you could still go on your trip. I am so sorry your back is hurt! I am praying for a full recovery!

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