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amazing photographer
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Thursday, June 2, 2011

blowing out candles

So much to write about and can't seem to find time.

Yesterday my man had a birthday!!  I love getting to celebrate his life.  I am blessed beyond measure to get to be his partner in life.

We had cake at lunch and at dinner!  Avery made TWO AMAZING cakes for dinner.  One 3 layer Italian cream cake and one 2 layer red velvet.  YUMMY.  Both totally from scratch, cake and icing.  She has mad baking skills.

A Dube Bute update in the works.  You won't believe it.  Brings me to tears. 

Was going to post a pic but blogger is acting up.  Hope to try again later.  Until then, trust me or head over here to see for yourself. :)


Jen said...

Happy belated birthday Moody. I pray that Jason gets to meet you in person, soon. You are a blessing to our family in so many ways.

Candy said...

This is so exciting! To see the vision becoming reality is such joy. Cannot wait to see the completion. Praise the Lord for all those who are participating and for those constructing and those who will benefit from it all.

God is good!


Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday to Moody!

Can't believe Avery's cakes! She needs to give me lessons. I'm grateful that Eli requests brownies for his birthday...but I know my next child might not pick something so easy :)

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