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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

abe update

When we were in San Antonio I had a good conversation with a friend of my sisters.  He has a nephew with CP as well as a good friend of the family.  He said something that struck me and made me realize that I need to be better about sharing the little milestones along our journey.

Often times people want to see the BIG, the MIRACULOUS and fail to miss the very miracles that take place daily.  Abe has made SO much progress, sometimes in tiny little increments and other times it is HUGE.

If you have followed the blog for any time, you are aware that sleep has never been Abe's friend.  He didn't sleep through the night for over 2 years and naps were hit or miss.  In order to get little man to sleep required one of about 4 people (myself, Moody, Avery and Gloria) to give him a bottle and rock him until he was SOUND asleep.  Trust me, many dear people tried but no one else could break him.  So while we celebrated his tenacity, it made going anywhere VERY difficult.  He either stayed up really late until I got home (if Moody was with me) or sweet Avery did it for us.  Imagine when we went out of town for the rare getaway?  Avery would sleep in our bed after getting him down in anticipation of his waking up.  You just never knew.  Sometimes it would be 5 am, other times midnight.  Then you didn't know if he would immediately go back down (in our bed) or if it would require hours of work.  

You just really didn't know what to expect.  Yes, we were tired, but you also just do what you have to doesn't hurt that he is so darn cute!  

I have prayed over and over that he would start to sleep and always rested in the knowledge that the Lord was using this to sanctify and refine me.  Anyone remember why I didn't want an infant referral back when we started the process in 2007?? It was because I didn't want to lose any sleep.  Oh the Lord has a funny sense of humor!

My sweet friend Kristin was recently in town and I was telling her that I was going to have to try to sleep train Abe again this summer.  She encouraged me to get many people praying before I began.  I fully intended to do just that.  We left for San Antonio that next day and after I long day in the car, we were all tired.  We were getting the other kiddos to bed in the next room and then started the feeding, rocking, and begging process. :)  Moody had to run downstairs to look at something for his lecture the next am and Eyasu needed me in the next room.  I put Abe in his bed (fully expecting the usual immediate most-pitiful-tears-you-have-ever-seen) and went to check on Eyasu.  I came back in very quietly because guess what????? NO TEARS.  He stirred for a bit and then he was OUT.  I sat there stunned and so very thankful.  Moody came back and couldn't believe it either.  

Well he has now done that for almost every night and nap since then!!!!! We are praising the Lord for this good gift.  For us sleep was something we never knew if we would enjoy regularly again.  We feel amazing to be getting good, quality, consistent sleep. It is also so great to tell the kids, "I will be right back, I'm going to put Abe down" and actually mean it.  Often the process took so long that Moody had them in bed by the time Abe gave up and went to sleep.  

So to all of you that have faithfully prayed that Abe would sleep, THANK YOU!  We are so grateful.  We also pray we are good stewards of this renewed slumber.  

Here is short video of Eyasu helping with therapy.  Sometimes he laughs so hard we have to tell the kids to stop so he can catch his breath. :)  He is such pure joy.

 Abe working hard in therapy!
 Going for a swim with sissy.  He loves the water!


Jen said...

I love your family! Great job Abe! You rock...I mean you slumber:)

becca said...

that is awesome emily! i remember this so vividly from growing up with annie. there were so many hard, hard things to get through, and then all of a sudden we'd all look around one day and realize that we'd overcome a hurdle. that she (annie) had made tiny amounts of progress each day, and then it finally occurred to us that therapy, prayer, etc, was working! it's SO COOL to document the progress.
thanks so much for sharing!

missy said...

i wasn't one who prayed for abe to sleep, but i am definitely one who is praising god for it now...for all of you!

Candy said...

Praising the Lord for His kindness & for sweet, restorative sleep for you all & for Abe. We have prayed!

Love you,

Mom & Dad

Kristi J said...

wow..congrats..what great news!! he's so cute...miss you, kj

da momma said...

Yay that is fun news! Love the giggles on the video! Your family is so beautiful! Love Gods sense of humor too :) whit

laura said...

Hey, sister...I am just getting caught up on your blog. I am in tears over Abe's progress. What a smart, sweet and special boy.

Camp Hoffman misses him your whole crew.

When Mebrate is ready we WILL come for a visit. Prepare Avery for the Meronator!

Love you so much,

Rebecca said...

i would say that this is a huge miracle! So happy for Abe to be sleeping. It makes not only him, but the whole family feel better. Lots of love to you guys!

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