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amazing photographer
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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

why was this child born blind? or with cp?

My mom sent this John Piper sermon this morning.  It is titled "Why Was This Child Born Blind?"  and it was very powerful!  Several of his words spoke to me.  My favorite line was If you want to be one of the most remarkable kinds of human beings on the planet—a Jesus kind—see people with disabilities. See them. And move toward them. God will show you what to say.  Wow.  Think about that.  "A Jesus Kind!"  I have written here before about what it does to my heart when people talk TO Abe.....just gets me, big time.  

Here is a bit of my email reply to her...."Just made me cry and really thankful for the special people that look at Abe that way, with love, grace and treat him as Jesus would.  Though it remains hard, and will most likely get harder as he gets older and bigger, I'm just humbled and grateful that He chose me, us, our family to get the daily blessings that little man gives to all of us."

That really is my heartbeat.  He is simply a good and perfect gift.  One that teaches all of us that are privileged to know him well.

My sweet mom sent this reply, "Knew you would find it personally powerful.  I too love that line.  Abe has helped me look at all people with disabilities in a different way:  as "uniquely & wonderfully made" by our Creator.
You ARE blessed to have been entrusted with this beautiful child.  God will supply the grace all along the way.  Today is where you are.  And he has been used of the Lord in such powerful ways already and he's 3!!"

So, take the time to watch.  Take the time to SEE.  To Him be all the glory.  ALL the glory.


The Stiffs said...

Emily I want you to know that I've never said one word to Abe but you have blessed us immeasurably by sharing his smile with this big old blogging community. That smile alone could urge us to go "all in." I have no doubt that one day Jack's story will part of a jewel in Abe's crown.

Kat said...

I will be back to watch this. We've in the midst of a storm and been given a tornado warning. Gonna turn off the computer, but as a mom of a blessed little special angel from China, I just can't wait to watch.

Tymm said...

I love you Abe! (and all you alexanders for that matter!)

Kim said...

Crazy how you can love someone so much from a distance. Cannot wait someday to meet him and "move in" for a big snuggle!
Heading over now to watch the sermon.
Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,
P.S. Brett brought us breakfast yesterday and Shannon brought us dinner last night in the hospital. Thank you again for introducing us to our precious friends. We are ever grateful!

The Young Family said...

SPEECHLESS. And tears!!! Please tell Abe from the Youngs---oh my sweet Abe---how you rock ALL of our worlds in a completely amazing way. You remind us of His glory. You shine His light in every smile. You were created to do things that if He told us right now...we wouldn't even believe it! It is an HONOR simply to know you ABE!!!!!!

La Dolce Vita: The Sweet Life said...

THe "Jesus kind"...just beautiful. Thank you for sharing Abe with all of us. I have certainly seen Jesus in a new way through him.

Thanks also for sharing this Piper message. It is one we all need to hear.

Jen said...

Thank you for sharing. It makes me think of the song that Mercyme sings...You are Beauitful "You are treasured. You are sacred. You are His. You are beauitful."

Kelsey said...

So good. Thank you for sharing and I hope you don't mind, but I attached a link to your blog on my Face Book page. Blessings to you!

Courtney Holder said...

really enjoy John Piper. thanks for sharing.

We Are Family said...

WOW! I simply cannot wait to meet you one day either here on earth or in heaven.

Lyndsay said...

Beautiful! So privileged to know Abe, and all the Alexanders. Such a gift!
Can you please send me the link to that sermon I would love to share it with my cousin.
Love you guys!

missy said...

such a powerful quote. i have peace and quiet right now so i will watch the video just as soon as i can break my stare away from the picture of abe. with that infectious smile that seems to visually extend the promise of hope, i may not be able to break myself away for several minutes.

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kate and Jeff said... Abe in a KidWalk? My Antone has a Rifton pacer and we love it!!

J Gutwein said...

Wow Emily.. He is so big and beautiful :).. Love, Jenny

Kim said...

So powerful. He is a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful boy!!

These Three Kings said...

AMEN!!!! God purposes for ABE and HIS life are being accomplished! He is PERFECT just the way HE is. for GODS glory and the advancement of HIS KINGDOM!
POWERFUL!!!! wow!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting. Piper's sermon really brought it home. In His grip!

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