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amazing photographer

amazing photographer
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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

missing it

I am really missing Ethiopia today.  This video makes me happy for the upcoming trip in September.  I am ready for EthiopiaSmile 2011. :)


Deena said...

Oh, how I miss it too!!!! I recognized some sweet faces in your video and it made my heart ache- I really want to go back- I NEVER thought I would miss Ethiopia so much...who knew??? I am so glad I miss it- I never want to stop missing it!

Jen said...

Love you guys! Blessed to know you.

The Hidalgo Family said...

I would sure love to be traveling in September for a court date! One of these days, we would LOVE to join your family on one of these trips.

Rebecca said...

We leave on Friday for Ethiopia. Going to meet our daughter. Can't wait! It has been 15 months since my last visit to Ethiopia. I miss those beautiful faces and their beautiful souls.

Holli said...

Miss it here TOO!!! and CAN'T WAIT FOR SEPTEMBER!!!!!

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