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amazing photographer
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Thursday, April 7, 2011

day without shoes and 147

Great, great day on Tuesday.  Had several opportunities to talk to my kids about the millions of children that live daily without shoes when felt the stares as we walked through the grocery store in our barefeet. Excellent exercise, I highly recommend it sometime. :)

We went on a local TOMS walk, then hurried home to get ready for the 147 event here.

The event was SO much fun and CRAZY.  Crazy because so many of you came to support 147 Million (in your bare feet) and Dube Bute.  I was so full as there was never a break the entire time.  You just kept coming in and buying the awesome new items from the 147 million orphans Spring line. :)

Thank you!!!! Thank you to those that purchased at home too.  $1,000 will be going to bring Hope to Dube Bute.  How amazing is that?
Only pic of that part, did I mention it was a bit nutty?? Heather, it was great seeing you!! :)


missy said...

i didn't have the guts to go into a public place w/out my shoes...i will next year thanks to your example. you always are blazing the trail for me to be a better me, emily. thank you. sounds like an incredible day!

Deena said...

Wish I would have been there! Wish I could have gone without shoes stinkin cold...maybe next year. Sounds like you had a perfect day!

Kim said...

Love this. Shannon and I may have to sign up as the HK reps for 147 million!
Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

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