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amazing photographer

amazing photographer
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Sunday, January 23, 2011

why ethiopia?

Saw this on several other blogs.  Oh it breaks my heart and reminds me why it lives there!  Love that A Glimmer of Hope sign is in there (next to girl at water point).  Makes me love my little boys a little more and thankful that the Lord has allowed us to partner with Glimmer to prayerfully change those statistics for all living in Dube Bute! 


Candy said...

Staggering statistics. Thank you, Jesus, for opening eyes & calling so many to make a difference-- to bring hope & change. To be changed ourselves in the process is such redemption.

Cannot wait to return!



Anonymous said...

I just watched this video on another blog-LOVE IT! I'm doing some major blogging catch-up. I miss reading up on you guys! Hope all is well!

Justin Darling said...

Thanks for sharing!
Great video, hoping some will see and have their eyes opened in many ways.

Justin Darling

missy said...

what a beautiful and haunting video.

okay so WHAT? you live in dallas? i thought you lived in austin? could i have actually met you in real life?! be still my heart. we were right by mercy street for a few hours with our friends mindy and garrett.

now we just have to plan something for the future. we can wear our wedding dresses. lulu talks about "ape" when she sees pictures of him (after i correct her that they are not pictures of herself).

missy said...

yeah, well we knew m&g first! :) my sister is north of dallas in sherman, so we will be back. i am actually a little bit giddy just thinking about the prospect!

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

Emily I have seen this too, and have avoided looking at it till now. Because it just hurts too much.

Want my baby home NOW :(

And then want to go back and get some more!

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