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amazing photographer
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Saturday, July 10, 2010

day 5, part one

Has it really been over a week?? Wow! This guy has been playing in his world series baseball tournament all week and we have spent more time waiting for it to stop raining than actually playing baseball, think I would have found time to post. :)

Ok, back to the trip. I had a very comical nights sleep! I will be honest, I was looking very forward to my uninterupted nights of sleep on this trip and this one didn't really meet up to my expectations. I wish I had a pic to show you. Try to imagine me with my head lamp on, crawling under my mosquito net, working hard to lay on my sleep sack and tiny little travel pillow, now removing the headlamp and closing my eyes. Only problem was this very loud bug of somesort was just outside my window and it didn't let up for one second. I forgot to take my Ambien, thinking surely the 2 beers Atto Domani made me drink would knock me out.....I was really not wanting to crawl back out of the bed to get it either. I longed for some ear plugs, really being envious of Kristin across the way as I knew she had hers firmly in place, and somewhat jealous of the Julie's who I envisioned were snug in that sweet queensize sleep sack! I then had the brilliant ? idea to place the roll of toilet paper left on my bedside table (oh how toilet paper had a way of showing up everywhere, just not in the bathrooms!) in my ear and holding it in place with the velcro strap of my headlamp and then keeping my other ear firmly planted on my pillow. I'm sure I looked ridiculous!! I finally got to sleep and was quickly awakened to the chants over the loud speaker from the local Muslim church. Ahhhhhh............
(our dinner napkins, aka Charmin)
I got dressed and we all headed to breakfast, then had a meeting with the Dawro Development Assoc. and then we were off to Dali. The drive was breathtaking, the views incredible!
(driver Daniel snuck in the pic)
Arriving in Dali, we received the most unbelievable welcome!
To get out of the car and be surrounded by those singing "Halleluia" over and over was something that I won't ever forget! They were so full of joy. There were instruments being played, dancing, flowers, just general happiness all around.
Shortly after arriving, I met Daniel. Oh sweet Daniel. His face and smile will be forever etched in my mind and heart. He was at my side very quickly after getting out of the car and everytime that I would smile and approach him, he would play coy and run off, only to return almost immediately. I asked someone his name, found out it was Daniel and I started calling him by name! He was pretty much with me the rest of the day. The elders of the community would try to scurry the kids off as we were walking from one project to the next, we even drove to a few projects and lo and beyond, Daniel would appear at every turn.

I'm getting sleepy and the rest of this day is just too important to try to crank out quickly, so I will leave you with Daniel for today and finish our Dali day hopefully tomorrow.


Kim said...

Lovin these updates Emily.
And oh my ... that Daniel!
Love & Blessings,
P.S. Love your blog redesign too!

Kristin said...

I heard you on the video saying Conjo . . . and somewhere in the background was that Julie ye'll out Sangria? Just sayin I thought I heard that :o)
Love it and your new blog design and wish I had snuck in to take a pic of you in your sleep sack, headlamp, and charmin in the ears!

Ethiopia...part of our world said...

I'm with Kristen- I heard Higgins yelling Sangria!! I soooo wish we had a pic of you that night!! That "roll" of toilet paper by your bed was actually your ration for the nights stay- no wonder you couldn't sleep!! How come you didn't come out and model the head lamp like you did some of the other things? It would have fit perfectly with the hat and trash bags!!

Henley on the Horn said...

Daniel looks a lot like Esayu to me!! I am so sorry you couldn't sleep!

Oatsvall Team said...

I can actually feel it sister !!! what an amazing trip ... God has so much to show us !!!

love you

missy said...

what a sweet smile that daniel has!
the thought of you sleeping with tp and the headlamp cracks me up.

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