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amazing photographer
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Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Abe rocked it in therapy this morning. He was looking so strong. Sometimes it can be discouraging as the progress is so slow and often difficult to SEE. Sometimes I forget that it isn't the therapy that will heal Abe, but Abe's Creator and King. He will use the amazing team that He has given us if it pleases Him to do so, but He alone has the power to heal. It can be an up and down thing- sometimes difficult to find the words to answer the question, "how is Abe doing?". I know he is making progress, but often He blesses us with encouragement through others, those that don't see him all the time. "He looks so much stronger, his head control is so much better" can all be great words to ours ears and they often come when we need it. Such a reminder that my faith is so small.

Seriously, this smile just never gets old!
He loves to stand and as his core gets stronger, he is able to stand up straighter--still with assistance though.

My precious friend, Laurie, recently reminded me of the man beside the pool in John 5 that Jesus healed. He didn't even know that the very Son of God was before him and had the power and authority to heal him. He did command the man to pick up his mat and walk. He was instantly healed! It was no result of this mans faith in Christ and what He was capable of doing though. So we continue to pray in faith and believe that the same Jesus that healed the paralytic in the gospel of John can heal our dear Abe.

Back to therapy! He has been doing such a better job of keeping his hands open and not clinching them all the time. He was bearing weight so well this morning while he was working on sitting! So proud buddy. :) Keep it up.

Seth Eyasu had his first playdate! He had a ball. I was so worried he would immediately start asking for me, cry in misery but not so much. He was with our dear friends and simply loved it! So much that they came over yesterday to play here.

Wesley, Eyasu and Ellerie
We also made a stop at Gladney today to drop of some pictures and got to see the amazing Ethiopia team. It was so great getting to show them Eyasu. He did a live "pants on the ground" and I'm hoping they aren't rethinking their thoughts on us as fit parents. :)


Shanna said...

God bless precious Abe!!! He is healed and that is how we will treat him!! Do a flip with Eyasu for me. We miss you all, Shanna

Sarah said...

way to go abe! and eyasu is hilarious with the 'pants on the ground'! i loved that old man singing that;)

Candy said...

Our God is an awesome God!

I love you, Em, an awesome Mom.


Kat said...

Yep, Pants on the Ground had me laughing....

We pray for Abe...he is just precious...that smile just grabs your heart!

The Porter Family said...

What a journey sweet Em - You are such an amazing mom and your faith is beautiful!! Love y'all!

Callie said...

he has definitely made progress! This weekend we my mom and I were talking about how much stronger his head control is, he is a miracle every day.
Also, Seth's language has gotten even better in 3 weeks. He is a blessing as well!
Emailing you back right now.

Tymm said...

Keep at it Abe!! We love you - you are one of our "most favoritest" people on Earth... your smile inspires us!

(and your family is pretty amazing too man!)

Jill Funkhouser said...

Keep up the wonderful work abe we are proud of you. Emily you are a woman of great faith and strength. That is great that Eyasu is having so much fun and blending right in with the gang. Life is so great.

Melissa said...

Love this. Abe is AMAZING and his life is rocking this world already! Can't wait to see what the Lord does through him.

Erica said...

Seriously funniest thing ever thinking him of doing "pants on the ground" for the staff. Awesome. Loving the update on Abe. Praying for you much. Love you sista.

da momma said...

yay for an update! He is soooo yummy with that smile! I hope we can see yall someday soon! whit

Oatsvall Team said...

you know the Oatsvall team is standing w/ ya ... Jeremiah loves to look at pictures of ABE and he just said that Abe could totally rock a crew cut just like him ... hee hee ...


Aaron & Whitney Pratt (A&W) said...

YAY, Abe!!! How fun to meet the Gladney team!!! Love his performance!!!!

Lori said...

You are a blogging fool! I missed this update!!

Love it, he is adorable and yummy!They ALL are!

Charlotte said...

I love this child, he always has a broad grin in spite of difficulties.

Abe is a nice example for us adults.

Go Abe, you can do it.

what about the december EEG?

Kristin said...

You do know how connected we are right?! Not only Fifi and Dereje and adoption and Luke Society but also Kolfe! David and I donated $ (raised before and during our 1st trip over) to help start their new library. It was able to stretch to a new DVD player & I believe chickens and sheep but I would have to ask Ryan to be sure where the rest went! We got to visit there twice in 2008 and loved all the boys!
We seem to be on par with the leanings of our hearts! Hope to meet someday...

Rebecca said...

Go Abe!! We continue to pray for him and are so excited to see the progress he's making!

On another note, I love that Eyasu performed Pants on the Ground for the Gladney staff. I'm sure they all went crazy for it! :)

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