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amazing photographer
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Thursday, February 18, 2010

call of Christ

Saw this on Kari's blog this morning. If you watch and are compelled to action, consider joining her this summer on mission trip to Ethiopia and Uganda with Visting Orphans, consider how He wants to use YOU in the lives of the 147 million orphans in our world today.


rbrum said...

On the subject of traveling to Africa. . .
Were you advised to have your children get the yellow fever vaccine when they traveled to Ethiopia with you? We are bringing our 10 year old son along to pick up our five year old son and would like some advice.
Love your blog!

jenny said...

I needed this video....thanks so much for posting it. It was a blessing to me one a day when I needed some encouragement. And thanks for being willing to answer so many of my questions lately. :)

Jenny C.

emily said...

We did get yellow fever for the kids and they didn't have any negative reaction. Your son will love the trip. :) I do know of some families that chose not to get the shots as well. I just didn't want to be the one they actually asked to see the card upon returning home!

and 2 became 5 said...

thanks for posting. thanks for being an advocate.

Anonymous said...

Wow- very powerful, and so so true. Thanks for sharing Em.

Tanya said...

i am moved to tears! i HAVE to share this! thank you for posting. i was actually going to contact you about finding an organization our church can partner with in Ethiopia (in the name of Christ) to do missions, etc. in the future. Not sure if Gladney does this specifically in an evangelical way or not. This may be a good fit for our church....will look into it more. Blessings friend!

rbrum said...

Thanks Emily!

Kristi said...

i love this took me to many other good ones by this woman...awesome, kristi

Charity Hildebrand said...

Just found your blog! Excited to read some more :) Thanks for your passion and realness!


Oatsvall Team said...

this is where 147 is sending funds !!!! Karris who volunteers for Danita is a Nashville girl ... I talked w/ her a couple of weeks ago ... What they are doing there is amazing and so THE HANDS AND FEET OF JESUS!!

Hannah Garippa said...

I think your mama said today is your birthday.

Happy Birthday Emily! Have a great day.

And if it isn't your birthday tuck this away until it is.

You are a beautiful example for us all. It is a joy to pray for your sweet family and to now call snow, Colorado. :-)

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