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amazing photographer
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Saturday, August 15, 2009

worship while waiting

"I wait for the Lord, my soul waits, and in His word I hope" Psalm 130:5

Waiting- a VERY common theme associated with international adoption. You wait at every step of the process........and here we are today, waiting for our new court date on Tuesday. We are believing in faith that we will pass, that we will be able to travel to bring our boy home at the end of September (yes, the 6 extra days for court will have us traveling 2 weeks I was really disappointed on Wednesday and more emotional than I would have thought.

It appears that this adoption has gone at warp speed ( 7 1/2 months from paperwork to travel if we pass on Tuesday) but the reality is, this adoption as taken almost 2 1/2 years to complete. From the very first moment that the Lord confirmed in our hearts the desire and call to adopt, it was ALWAYS for 2 children. We didn't know who they were, but there were always two.

We began with one agency to adopt siblings 1-5 years old. We were told to expect a 1-6 month wait but most likely on the shorter end as we were open to older kids. After 7 1/2 months and NO end in sight, I saw 2 beautiful children on another agencies waiting child list. We felt they were ours and began the process of redoing much of our paperwork to switch agencies. Once all of our paperwork was done and we were waiting for a court date, we got the devastating call that these two precious kiddos wouldn't be coming home. I remember feeling so very far from Ethiopia that day and questioning if we would ever get on African soil.

The Lord graciously brought Abe to us several weeks later and it was clear why we switched agencies as they had our baby. The agency was going to issue us a second referral, but we knew the extra time to do so would cost us getting a court date for Abe before the rainy season. We proceeded with Abe and knew we would return as quickly as possible.

I think we questioned returning after Abe's diagnosis for all of a second. The Lord knew all along about Abe and in His mercy, allowed us to have time alone with him to heal. We started the paperwork 6 months after returning home. We thought the process would take much longer this time as it just reminds me that we aren't in control. The Lord knew we needed to get going as our little guy had alreay been in care for too long. His timing is perfect.

Prayerfully, we will pass court on Tuesday and bring him home just 2 days shy of him being there for a year, and our journey to bring 2 children home from Ethiopia will be complete.

I'm thankful for the long road. I stand amazed at the rich relationships that have formed through the process. I'm so grateful for all it has taught me, though I really look forward to just being here as a family of 8!


Anonymous said...

Dear Emily,
I have been following your blog for the past 5 months from the state of Washington. My husband and I are in the process of adopting two little boys from Ethiopia. I just want to let you know how encouraging it has been to me to follow your beautiful family. Your words of wisdom are such a blessing. My husband and I have been married 21 years and have 3 boys...20, 18 and one who died when he was 5.5(11 years ago). I wasn't planning on adding to our family but the Lord had other plans!

Thank you for sharing your journey.

All's grace,
Susan Burkhalter

Jillienne said...

We have similar timing. We returned with our first daughter from Ethiopia in May of 2008. Then in April of 2009 we returned with our son. She is now 19 months and he is 11 months. We were expecting a child older than our daughter but that was not the case! They are 8 months apart.
I am not sure if we are done yet. I have always felt that there is an "older" boy still waiting for us.

I will be praying for your family on Tuesday! And looking forward to the pictures!

Farmboy and Buttercup said...

OH, I love these stories, the way God has his hand in all this and how our timing is often not His, when we look back, we almost always can see his infinite wisdom during the process.

Thanks for sharing your story!

The Porter Family said...

Love you Alexanders! If it wasn't for y'all we wouldn't be where we are now! Just 3 more days ... we're praying and can't wait for good news on Tues!
Love -
The Porters

Holli said...

Praying for Tuesday.
I blare the waiting song about once a day - as a reminder to myself- not waiting just for waiting but waiting on the LORD!!!

Kat said...

We are praying for your court date and rejoice with you as your family grows!

J, A and T said...

Praying Tuesday will be your day!!!!

Regan said...

Hi Emily,
I am adopting from Rwanda and found your blog a few weeks ago. I have cried and laughed through your story, and absolutely been so encouraged. I think your title on today's post is beautiful: worship while waiting. Thank you for your honesty, your realness, your attitude through this whole thing. I am learning by what you are sharing.
In Christ,

Jen said...

I understand praying without ceasing so much more through this process. We are praying without ceasing and counting down. I love that our little ones are so connected bc you were one of the first people I connected with when we were starting the adoption process :)

Andrea H. said...

I am waiting with you. Its so heartwarming to read your blog. I have been following your blog for a very long time ever since you have lost your 2 kids that you were waiting for. I think someone else mentioned you on their blog for prayer back then. I think I have always felt somewhat connected to you because I too was waiting for 2.5 year until I brought my little ones home from ET. Prior to them I lost 3 children from three different countries through adoption and LOTS of money. You were one of my people that that inspired me to keep going. I thought I be brave enough today to leave you a comment because "I am so waiting with you" and I wanted you to know.

Amy Bottomly said...

Praying with you guys that Tuesday is THE day! Much love to the Alexanders!

Erica said...

Amazing Friend. Amazing. Watching the Lord work in and through you and your family has been such a huge blessing. You are such a testimony for our King. Love you.

Jen said...

Don't laugh...I just watched the video again. i love the song but i love the pics even more :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Em! The post brought tears to my eyes and many memories alive. We serve such a great God who holds us in the palm of His mighty hand. I love looking back and seeing all that God's done. It's perfect, and He'll continue the same way with your other little man! Praying!

Danae said...

praying for Tuesday!!!!

Ryane said...

Thinking of you guys this weekend and praying that all goes well on Tuesday.

Tracy said...

what a beautiful testimony to His Sovereignty!! makes waiting so much more bearable!! love you precious words!

Shannon and Brett Hilliard said...

Great video (especially one pic toward the end :) ) Does "Jillienne" need to go get that older boy at KVI? He needs a home, eh? And I've been praying for him, so SOMEBODY needs to go get that guy!!!

da momma said...

waiting with you! Love the picture with the big smile almost at the end! I cant imagine how yall must feel today and tmw...praying hard! whit

Danae said...

Sweet video! We are praying for you!

coffeemom said...

PRaying for you all tonight and tomorrow, still. Praying without ceasing for great news tomorrow! High hopes!!! Love M

Kristy -Mom To 6 Blessings said...

Hi Team Alexander!
I just wanted you all to know that you are on my heart, in my thoughts, and in my prayers tonight.
Love & Blessings,

calliemorgan said...

Praying tonight for a succesful court date and especially for you guys' peace in the meantime.

Kim said...

Love your precious words and great wisdom. Praying for Tuesday from Hong Kong!
Love & Blessings,

Melissa said...

Love that video! All those pics bring back so many memories! Waiting with you!

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