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Monday, January 12, 2009

bread from heaven

"and the whole congregation of the people of Israel grumbled against Moses and Aaron in the wilderness, and the people of Israel said to them, "Would that we had died by the hand of the Lord in the land of Egypt, when we sat by the meat pots and ate bread to the full, for you have brought us out into the wilderness to kill this whole assembly with hunger."

The Lord said to Moses, "Behold, I am about to rain bread from heaven for you, and the people shall gather a day's portion everyday." Exodus 16:2-4a

It continues on to give the daily requirements, etc of this gift of manna from the Lord to the Israelites. He provided this manna for their remaining time in the wilderness. It sustained them on a daily basis.

The Lord has so graciously provided my bread, my manna, as a means to encourage and sustain us through these difficult days.

Immediately after receiving the news and diagnosis of Abe, it rained heavily for weeks. I would get multiple emails daily full of truth, wisdom, stories of encouragement, simply "I'm thinking of you". Many of these came from people that I have never had the blessing to meet in person. Some I had communicated with via blogs, while others simply felt led to write.

" I have had the privilege of following your blog since you brought your sweet little Abe home. It has been such a JOY! It is so sweet to me how you come to “know” complete strangers through an adoption blog..................(she shares her precious story with me and then closes with)..Each day when I wake up I am so excited for our day together. What new thing will she accomplish? What new connection will we share? It is so amazing. Why did God choose me to share such a wonderful treasure with? How deep His love for us, how vast beyond all measure.
You see, God did not just choose you for Abe, he choose Abe for YOU! You, Emily, were the perfect mama for him, no other would do. You are equipped, because before time began you were chosen. He can handle the questions and He can bring peace to your fears. Trust Him…"

another one: "Was just kind of suddenly overwhelmed and had to write you. I don't know how you're feeling, except that I can understand feelings of deep pain and of wondering what God is up to. To know you're hurting reminds me of my own deep need for God's grace.

Looking for another verse my eyes landed on Eph 1:8 "...the riches of God's grace that he lavished on us with all wisdom and understanding..."

As I read all of chapter 1, the tears wouldn't stop as the picture of God's grace was clearer than ever through Abe. The earthly comparison of God blessing Abe, choosing him, having him adopted by you, redeeming him from the orphanage (as loving as they must be), lavishing on him the riches of His grace in your home with all wisdom and understanding (only God knew Abe's physical needs as he only really knows our spiritual needs)...the mystery of His will...working out everything in conformity with his will...for the praise of his glory.

Thinking of Abe and his physical needs and having that be a reminder of the even deeper needs we all have before God. God rescues us in our helplessness and blesses us with every spiritual blessing. God is so good. You all are a constant reminder to me of how good God is. Thanks for being an instrument of God's grace to me. I guess a bit of irony was Moody calling me at the end of my workout in my vain quest to not be so skinny and he became a reminder to me to worry more about the inside of the cup than the outside of it."

Multiple emails sent the wonderful Trip to Holland story! Thank you for that.

"You do not know me but I stumbled upon your blog. I wanted to say by accident but nothing happens by accident. Anyway, I also have a child with a disability. Actually, I have two children with a disability.

I am very familiar with the road that you are on because I have been there. I want to share with you some things that God has taught me on this journey.

1. Abe was fearfully and wonderfully made. He is no accident or mistake.

2. God has a purpose for Abe's life, it doesn't matter the disability

3. God began the work in Abe and He will finish that work. That means that you may see that completed work in Abe here on earth otherwise you will see it completed in heaven.

4. There is a reason that God chose you over all the other people in the world to be blessed with Abe. There is something that God has gifted you with that Abe needs. You are the perfect parents for him. It was no accident. Always remember that when the doubts come.

There will be days that you just want to crawl back in bed and cry. But I think that is true for any journey God puts you on. Some days you just realize your weakness more than others. If there is anything I can do you. Or, you need to talk, voice your pain with or pray with, please do not hesitate to give me a call"

This is just a small sample of the grace that has poured down like rain (or bread) for our benefit! They always come at the perfect time too. Just a few days ago, Mood said "that was such a sweet email from ML." I hadn't read an email from her that day. I looked and it came in around 11:30. I went back and looked, I replied to the email before and after hers but did not see the one from ML. At 11:30, I was feeling really strong that particular day. When I actually sat to read the email at 7:30, not so much. Tears ran down my face as I was overcome with the knowledge that...he said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me. For the sake of Christ, then, I am content with weaknesses, insults, hardships, persecutions, and calamities. For when I am weak, then I am strong.

I have had visits from dear friends- thank you Amy. What a gift that was to me. Amy and I met as kampers at Kanakuk and lived together all 4 years at Baylor. She lives in Austin, but drove to spend a good 24 hours with me! :) What a treat. Jenn, thanks for coming over too, Pat we missed you!

Thank you to all of you that have been used by Him to encourage our family!


Kate said...

Love all your recent posts...they have been very encouraging and challenging to just know you are being used beyond what you even realize! We continue to think and pray of you guys all the time...and miss you! Abe is a very very blessed little boy! :)

Abby said...

I don't know you, but I have followed your blog for some time now. I too have a child with a disability and I know the road you are walking down. I have also learned from you, thank you for being vulnerable with friends and strangers alike. I, for one, am grateful.

~Laura~ said... you girl!

Erica said...

Praying for you friend. You have a beautiful heart. You've been so open and honest through all of this. You have blessed me more then you know. Love you.

Kathy said...

I too don't know you, but have been praying and following along. I have a sweet friend Danielle that was born with OI ( A bone disease). She is 14 years old and will never walk. Her body is badly disfigured and she is the size of a 4 year old. She is one of the happiest, Godly young woman I know. I wish you could meet her ! She scoots around on a skate board *way cool* and loves playing baseball. I hope her happiness and love for life encourages you. I know she is a blessing to me.

Anonymous said...

I have followed your journey to sweet Abe. The pictures of your trip show the tender and joyful hearts you, your husband and children have. God is expanding your hearts. Think about it. You've probably asked Him to many times. Now He's doing it! I know. It happened to me when I adopted my beautiful daughter from China and discovered she is autistic. I'm a single mother who was scared, discouraged, tired, and feeling lonely amidst a crowd of very wonderful and supportive people. BUT God has been faithful. He has expanded my heart because I had always asked Him to. I just didn't know what I was really asking or how He would do it. My daughter will probably never be able to love me in any deep sense, but my love for her is beyond measure. God lets me see her as He sees me. He has made me fierce in my care and protection of her - just like He is for me. I am tired to the bone most of the time, but I wouldn't trade my circumstance with anyone. Over time I have discovered that I am willingly being burned up for another - because I asked Him to make me more like Him. I didn't even know it was happening until I could stand back over time and see it. Don't get me wrong, there are so many joys too, and my life is full beyond what I thought I ever wanted. He gifted me with His very special creation, and He rejoices over everyone who loves her. The same for you. You are more like Him than you were before you took Abe into your heart. You will be more like Him with each passing year. Your heart will expand beyond what you ever thought it could. And He smiles watching you because He made you both exactly as He wanted. You are so special to Him! Thank you for sharing your journey so openly. I am grateful.

grey like snuffie said...

Every time I find a blog about adoption there are usually emotional or physical issues to overcome. And all that keeps coming to me is how God plucked a special child out of a bad path of life and brought them into a path of life, where there is hope they would not have known.

I can not imagine what it is like to walk this path, but He already knows every moment that is coming. Pray up and be encouraged because love saved Abe.

Kristi J said...

Wow..simply amazing!! I'm so happy that so many people are finding strength in your story...You guys are an amazing family and I'm more blessed to have found you in this crazy blog world :) Praying for Lucy Lane any day now :) kj

Melissa said...

You continue to amaze and inspire me! Loving you and praying for you, even in the midst of phone tag.

Kim said...

These comments alone are insight into God's much bigger plans. How funny that we are trying to support and encourage you and you are the one impacting our lives in the midst of your storm. Thank you for sharing this journey of faith with all of us!
Faithfully praying,

Oatsvall Team said...

I see you growing in the Lord w/ each post ... You are amazing and you are helping me put God's strength, God's plan, God's will, God's grace, God's love into each part of my day ...

I am holding your hand each day my friend !!!

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