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amazing photographer
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Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Nashville was amazing. I am waiting on some pictures to write more about the trip. It was a blessing for sure and refreshing to my soul. :)

Please watch this and give a gift that will help those in Ethiopia this Christmas. I just got some of the fleece lined ones and they are COZY!!


Rene' said...

Glad you had a relaxing and fun time. Can't wait to see the photos.

Natalie Fournet said...

On my list of to do's today was to get some cozy comfy shoes....thanks for the tip!

Amy said...

I am stealing this from you....

I am also buying Tom's for as many people on my list as I think will wear them. :)

Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness... Toms Shoes... I will never forget the back and forth we had after you commented about going to the grocery store in Toms Shoes and I thought you were talking about your husband's shoes.
Yes, I know better now.
Glad you had fun in Tennessee.

JourneytoFamily said...

Wow... what a cool campaign! I'm going to have to buy some comfy shoes for myself!

Hauswife said...

Awesome! I'm stealing it, too! xo

Henley on the Horn said...

Love it!!! Our 15 year old neighbor sold Toms as her service project in high school!! Great idea to encourage others to buy from this wonderful company!! All of their ads are great like this one. THank you for sharing! I am so glad you had such a great visit to Nashville!

Oatsvall Team said...

Thelma and Louise ordered ours today ... It was the best 24 hrs I have had in long time .. To see your sweet face and hug your neck was amazing ... i love you and pray each day for our sweet Abe ... Our kindred hearts will take us a long way on this journey ... we are in it for the long haul ...

Love You, Love You, Love You ...

I going to add you moving to Brentwood to my Christmas and Prayer List ...

Anonymous said...

Dear Emily,
I had never even heard of Toms until a month or so ago. One of my friends was wearing some and I thought they were so cute. I went shopping the next week and got two pairs. My favorite of the two are black and say, "Be the change you wish to see in the world." What a terrific reminder for everyone! I will encourage others to buy - not only because they are SOOO comfy that I wear mine almost every day - but because Toms is going to help others with the money that is made. How unusual and heartwarming to know that they are not all hung up on the profit margin - but are concerned about their brothers and sisters in Christ! Thanks for sharing this video!! Also, I continue to check your site for news on Abe - and when I have a free moment from subbing, working concessions, and holiday prep, I'm going to walk over and meet that little munchkin! (And you too of course!) Thanks for replying to my last email - I promise I am totally normal - just a bit kid crazy and mine are growing up TOO FAST!

Melinda said...

I am going to add this to my blog as well. Love what they are doing! This is similiar to this disease
I first heard about it from listening to Frances Chan of Cornerstone Church in California. They support the mossy foot cause.

Kim said...

Dear Emily,

Thanks for your comments on my blog and for sharing the video ... cannot wait to buy some Toms Shoes!

It sounds like you girls had an amazing time. I am so glad you were able to come to TN for some fellowship & relaxation. And I can just imagine the sweet reunion with all your "babies" but especially Abe.

I cannot tell you how excited I am to learn about your friends in Hong Kong. Tyler & I were on Island Evangelical's website last weekend while researching churches. What a small world?! We would love an online "introduction" to Brett & Shannon as our move date gets closer (Summer 2009).

It is incredible how I felt an instant connection the first time I visited your blog. I just assumed it was becasue of our shared ties with TN, TX, and adoption. Then we learned about Corrine (and Mary Lauren), Abe and our Sam's diagnosis, and now a Hong Kong connection. I just love how God is revealing more common threads in the tapestry of our blogging friendship!

Tracy said...

Love Tom's shoes! Thanks for posting the videos! What an incredible blessing it was to meet you!! How great is God to put us all together! :)

Kristi J said...

It was great hanging with you girl and I'm so stealing the Tom thing sometime this week..You guys just need to move here now!!! It was truly a blessing to get to meet you and Corrine (I now know how to spell her name ;) thanks for coming again and fitting my house into your schedule, kristi

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