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amazing photographer
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Thursday, December 12, 2013


I know I failed miserably at the trip updates.  Internet was terrible, I got sick and had a 3 year old to chase after (those are my excuses!) :)  We felt the prayers in a big way though so THANK YOU.
The team was awesome.  Everyone worked really hard and got along great (which in a group of 60 is a pretty amazing!) The dental, medical and vet teams were able to treat many patients.  We actually heard today that several people had suffered YEARS with either skin or tooth issues and are now HEALED! All glory to God.  What a gift to be allowed to serve the people of Ethiopia in this way. Will post pics at bottom.

I also am asking for prayers for my sweet boy! Abe is having a big surgery in the morning on his hips.  They are coming out of socket (a sad reality for kids with his type of CP) and they need to be fixed.  Sadly, the fix for what is going on is a long orthopedic surgery.  It will last between 5-6 hours. My heart just aches for him!  He will actually wake up in a body cast that will remain on for several weeks.  I have heard from numerous people that this will NOT be fun for we really would covet your prayers for him, for us.....

Pray that the surgery goes well, is successful with minimal blood loss
Pray that his pain is managed well in the hospital and once home
Pray that he will not develop any skin breakdown as a result from the cast
Pray for our time as a family over this break!  May we truly focus on the true meaning of Christmas as we are home bound.  Sad for the reason but looking forward to the time with my kids.

Merry Christmas to each of you (not sure if anyone still actually reads this neglected space) xoxo

 Moody talking to the beloved people of Dube Bute
 Gigi in Dube Bute
 How great is this?? Texas Rangers meet Dube Bute
Praying over the people
 Organizing supplies
 Gracious welcome
 Outside the medical clinic
 Nephew Travis and his posse
Sweet friend Lori

The Ross' and part of Alexander crew- love these people


Anonymous said...

Chuck and I are praying for Abe and all your family

Cheryl Vela said...

Will pray for Abe and your family.

Janet said...

Praying for Abe and all of you....May God give you peace, strong family time and comfort for Abe over the Christmas holidays.

Nikki said...

Praying! How is he doing??

Nikki - blog design to support my work in India, fostering 7 children with special needs

Anonymous said...

I ask you to pray for him and his ex-girlfriend MONIKA FICZ that we again get together, forgive each other for everything to be back among us love, affection, patience, serenity, peace, togetherness as soon as possible between us, understanding, joy, happiness, come right in what the two of us relationship with each other, come mónika back to me, let's be a couple, marry, live with each other happily, the Lord Jesus bless us, our relationship with the co-our existence, God, bring us together again, and give the Monika and I have full conversion Jesus and prayer for me one more comprehension, families conversion, peace, workplace, profession, miracles for our us and our family life, healing each other physically mentally, and our families, too, thank you to pray for us, God bless you this themselves be blessed, Jesus , amen!

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