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amazing photographer
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Sunday, September 30, 2007

closer to 40

I'm officially closer to 40 than 30!! Yesterday I turned 36 years young. Not sure yet what I think about it, but I did have a great birthday. I felt very loved and cared for by my family and friends. Thank you:)

No news on the adoption front- just praying we get the call!
Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Look at my groovy hubby in his Africa t-shirt! I saw these in a magazine and went online to purchase the shirts. (I got a cute tank) I bought them here. The great thing is that you look stylish and support the Millennium Promise. They are an organization committed to ending global poverty by the year 2025. I have actually purchased several shirts that support various causes related to Africa. See photo below:)

The cute red one with elephants was a gift from a friend whose husband organized mission trips to Africa. The shirt is so cozy, really soft cotton and looks like a black dot -- but is really 1,000's of tiny people:)

I have supported Product Red by purchasing a few things from the Gap. Ok, more than a few- but it is a great way to give back right? When Moody was in Brasil, we went shopping for wedding clothes remember?? We also went into the Gap. I tried to explain to the kids that these products were different-- 50% of every Product Red item that you buy at the Gap goes to the Global Fund to help eliminate AIDS in Africa. Well, I didn't do a very good job of training the kids how to break this news to their father. He hadn't been home for 5 minutes when my oldest said, "hey dad, we gave $150 to Africa when we got our sweatshirts and stuff at Gap!" I should have been thrilled that he was able to calculate percentages huh?!! We will work on the slow and steady approach of enlightening dad of future shopping trips!! The good news is that I hate to shop and only go to the mall when absolutely necessary-- so we don't do too much damage on a regular basis.

Seriously-look how cute these sweatshirts are with the continent of Africa on the back! I want to get one of the precious onesies, but don't know if we will get a referral for one small enough.

This is a pic of my right arm. I wear this white and Red bracelet everyday. You can see them in the first pic at Moody's high school reunion. It may sound silly, but it makes me feel connected to my kids. I don't know them yet, but I do know that I love them and their birthplace. Africa will forever hold a special place in my heart--so for now-- I will support it anyway that I can.

Friday, September 21, 2007

a week

It has been almost a week since I have posted. I started thinking last night what I have done over the past week that has prevented me from writing a post for this here blog.....well....we attended Wick's second football game...he scored another TD...we are very proud...we had Moody's 25 year high school reunion (remember, he is 8 years older) was fun to see people, but reunions are really never fun, right?..."yes, still in Arlington, practice is good, I know it is crazy to home school, 11,9,8 and 6, I know two more, Ethiopia"...that is about how it goes...attended a lovely baby shower in Dallas...watched the Emmy's...did school...cooked a few meals...raced off to catch a plane to San Antonio to play Florence Nightingale for my sister, that is holed up in bed, recovering from a nasty knee surgery (view lovely headshot above)...cooked a few more meals there...watched an entire season of Top Chef (did I mention that she is confined to bed?)...helped nephew study for a geography test...laughed with my sister's friends...laughed at my brother in law (what ever loser)...played on her cute macbook...took sis to Dr...flew home...went to soccer practice...loved on my kiddos...enjoyed a glass of wine with my man...ate leftovers...went to bed!!! Whew...I'm still tired but ready for a fun weekend:)
Friday, September 14, 2007

"i saw what i saw"

Please take a moment to watch this video of Sara Groves. It is beautiful....I can't wait for my life to be changed by a trip to Africa.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

my kids homeland

Please take a few minutes to discover my kiddos beautiful birth country. This is a slide show done by one of the Wide Horizon social workers on a recent trip to Ethiopia. The beginning is the amazing countryside, then it shows the love and care the kids receive from the nannies at Horizon House, and finally is shows a travel group picking up their kids. It is really exciting to think that we will be in a travel group, seeing these things firsthand!

There are many pictures, but you can go through them quickly if you hit the forward arrow on your computer. Imagine the Alexander family there, and pray for all of the kids that are currently awaiting the courts to reopen so their parents can come get them!
Sunday, September 9, 2007

wedding fun

Our family had a blast last night at Misty's wedding. Misty is one of Moody's faithful employees. She is a clinical assistant and is wonderful with the patients. My kids love Misty. They have been so excited about her wedding and even more excited about dressing up for the wedding. My boys think "dressing up" is wearing the Under Armour shorts without a stain on them. We often argue over shirts being tucked in on Sunday for church and then somehow the boys decided they wanted to wear suits to the wedding? They didn't own suits though......thankfully Jessica was sweet and braved the mall with me (I'm not a big fan) and helped me get clothes for all 4.

Dad was in Brasil remember?- he tends to be the authority on fashion, but I think we did ok on our own.

The girls were easy-- they each found really cute, comfortable dresses at the first store! (Issy, the sweet 6 year old girl that despises dresses, found one with zero complaints!) The boys, not so much! They each had definite opinions as to color of the suit (really dark), shirt (Hill pink, Wick blue) and tie. Thankfully we found some REALLY good deals at Dillards and J.C Penny and the boys eventually got outfitted. No thanks to the lack of customer service we received at the store that starts with a D! Unbelivable actually, not worth going into though. We did have a very helpful fellow at JC Penny's help with Hill's ensemble.

I was so proud last night! They looked so beautiful, handsome and grown up. They didn't complain one time all night about their new dress shoes or itchy shirts-- they just had fun at the wedding.

Blessings to Misty and Jon as they begin their new life together:)

We are such a casual family- it is fun to have a picture of us in our "Wedding Best"!
Tuesday, September 4, 2007

do i make myself clear?...crystal.

My sweet nanotechnology lovin' mama brought it to my attention that I might not have been crystal clear on a previous post. The "are you in" contest will see one lucky winner receive a crisp $20 bill! My mom thought it was a requirement to put $20 in the pot to guess and then the winner would take all--- that is not a bad idea-- but not the game! (she was sweet to guess anyways!)

So- if you still want a chance to win and were leery of the entry fee-- go ahead and join the game. If you thought you were sending some cold hard cash to play-- go ahead, no not really....

Bonus points if you can name the movie quote from the title..
Sunday, September 2, 2007


A few posts back I told you that I had a faithful hubby-- well he is also very thoughtful! He had the priviledge to go teach to several hundred orthodontists in Brazil this past week. He worked very hard on his lecture and I know he did an awesome job.

It just so happened that he left on the second day of school and would be gone a whole week! On the first day that he was gone, I received these beautiful flowers. (He is really good at sending flowers for various occasions- I'm sorry, just because, congrats on finishing dossier, etc.) The flowers had a really sweet card that said, "By the time these lose their luster, I will be home. Thanks for carrying the load. I love you, Moody" Ok, small disclaimer. He is very romantic, but he did get help with the card. Apparently he has become buddies with the flower guy at Twigs. When asked what he wanted written on the card, Moody said "I will be home before these die" or something and the flower man wasn't going to write that-- so Moody gave him permission to be creative. I love it, love them, love him and love that my husband is now on his way home!!

Thank you Jess, mom, dad, and Hill family for helping to make the week fly by!!! Ok, it didn't "fly" by but it didn't creep along either. I don't like it when my man is out-of-town--

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