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amazing photographer
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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Happy birthday to me- our family has grown!

Loving this rainy Saturday birthday morning!  Moody let me sleep in (glorious) and I'm feeling very loved from friends and family.  Seriously birthdays are just more fun with facebook right? :)

I have been meaning to post this for a few weeks and time keeps getting away from me.  Last night we added to our family in a new way! At the end of the summer we started to look at options on getting more help with Abe.  Since he was starting school, our current schedule would change. We have been so blessed with Gloria as she has been part of our family for years! We just needed additional help as we try to manage the busy teens and the very active little ones.  I started doing some research online one night and just typed in "nanny dallas" thinking some database would exist that I could get some leads on a special person to help with my special guy.  The first thing that popped up was "nanny vs. au pair, you might be surprised".  I was curious so I clicked, but I was definitely pairs are for the wealthy families living in the Hamptons (no offense.....the Hamptons are lovely!) but it was my pre-conceived attitude.

I started doing some research and we started to see this as a real possibility for our family.  Au pairs are individuals that have graduated from high school and desire to live in the States for a year and in return provide you with 45 hours of childcare.  They live with you, teach your children about their life and culture and get to experience a new culture for a year.  It is very affordable compared to other options. The hours are flexible based on your schedule.  This is huge for us as our schedule is always different based on the boys games, etc.

An adoptive mom (thanks Kristin) told me to look at Cultural Care as they have used several au pairs from that agency. We began pouring over profiles and videos.  Au pairs come from countries all over the world.  One day Avery ran outside and said, "I found her!!"  I went in to see a precious girl from Sweden holding a little brown baby.  We watched her video and just knew. She is from a small village in the southern part of Sweden.  At one point she said she loved to visit her church and then it showed her playing guitar while her father played the keyboards and they were singing "I Can Only Imagine" by Mercy Me.  The girl loves Jesus!  What a gift. She has done mission work in Tanzania as well.  She is one of 5 children and her younger sister has special needs.  We couldn't believe what a gift this might be to our family.

We love adventure, we love exposing our kids to new cultures and experiences and we honestly love having people live here with us.  We began emailing, had a precious Skype call where Moody prayed and her father prayed a beautiful prayer in Swedish.

So last night my dear mother, Izzy and Avery picked her up at the airport (We were already at the boys football game because her plane was delayed several hours) and brought her straight to the homecoming football game.  Man, talk about culture shock.  Friday night lights and homecoming mums, how do you really explain that?  She said it was just like the movies. :) We love her already.

We are excited about this next year.  I'm obviously looking forward to the help with Abe and crew, but are expectant for all the Lord has for us with this new addition.  I think Moody is thankful that I wasn't asking for another smaller Alexander!

So you will be seeing more of Ottilia here.  Pray for our time. Know the Lord has much in store for all of us.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

for the sake of saving one- from no great joy mom

Adeye has done it again, gone and ripped my heart out.....praying it stirs in the hearts of someone to claim these precious kiddos as theirs.  To love and to nurture.  They could be sweet faces one day grinning from ear to ear as they get off the bus, being welcomed home by a family that adores everything about them!

                                        Look at his face people!!! Joy.  The blessing is ours.
Tuesday, September 11, 2012

wheels on bus part 2

Short and sweet post. Abe just got home and his bus driver, John, said he drives the best kids in the district. He said he did his years of driving older kids and is now the envy of all of his bus driving buddies.  He told me after as many years of service with the district, he finally got this coveted route.  I mean seriously, would you rather drive big, stinky teens or this guy??  I agree.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

the wheels on the bus

My sweet boy is officially riding the bus now.  Took me a wee bit longer to get adjusted than he did. The lift scared him the first day, but now he rides it like a champ!  I drove him to school the first few days, then followed the bus a few days. (yes, I was that mom!)  On Thursday I just left a note in his folder for his teachers to call me and let me know how he did (they are amazing like that!). My stomach was in knots not knowing but I knew the teacher would call me soon.  I then got a text from my rockstar hubby that said, "I may or may not be sitting in the school parking lot!" Love him.  So he was able to report yet another successful bus trip! He is doing amazing now all by himself.

Love that my awesome neighbor, Sydney, captured the first bus day on film.

His face is simply joy.
 Here comes the bus! 
We can do this buddy!  Proud of you Abe. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Imperfect Vessels

The awesome folks over at 99 Balloons are doing a blog series on Imperfect Vessels.  Love these guys, their hearts and their ministry.  I was graciously asked to participate.  You can view the blogs HERE. 

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