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amazing photographer
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Sunday, October 28, 2007

plumpy nut

Thanks to my friend Jamie- I have a very encouraging story to share with you! Please take a moment to watch this Anderson Cooper video about Plumpy Nut and how it is literally changing lives.
Thursday, October 25, 2007


Yesterday was a hard day. I took the boys to their baseball hitting lesson as we do every Thursday afternoon. The lessons take place in a big warehouse building, off of a two-lane road. About twenty minutes into the lesson we heard a loud screech, followed by a horrible sound, a sound you DO NOT want to hear! I looked outside to see a dump truck slam into a small white car. Coach Davis RAN immediately outside, I made sure the kids knew to stay put - then followed him.

It took over 45 minutes to cut the man out of the car using the jaws of life, and he was finally care flighted to the hospital. I pray he is o.k, though everything at the scene tells me it would be miraculous if he survived.

I share this story to convey what the I feel the Lord has been working on my heart lately. That I witnessed this accident (though I really wish I hadn't) was no accident. Moments like that force you to view things through a proper perspective. In one second this young man's life changed. Life is precious, and God is sovereign. He is in control of this adoption, He is in control of our kids in Ethiopia, He is in control of the exact time that we will receive the referral, and NO amount of worry will change the fact that HE ALONE is in control. I will trust Him, trust in His goodness, His tender mercies and His timing.

I hugged my kiddos extra tight last night as I put them to bed! I long for the day that we have two new ones to love on and tuck in at night. :)

It has officially been 11 weeks of waiting and I rest in that today.
(The boys coach just called, he died shortly after arriving at the hospital. He was 19 years old. Pray for his family)

Monday, October 22, 2007

celebrate with others

Check out this family that just received their referral call today!! It is so exciting to see the Lord bringing families together.
Saturday, October 20, 2007

friends and food

We had the privilege of spending last Sunday afternoon with some old and new friends. Martha and Bryon had us over for lunch. Martha and Moody have been friends since Jr. High, and Bryon's brother, Doug, is married to Maza. Maza is a gorgeous woman that just so happens to be Ethiopian. Maza and her precious mother made us some yummy Ethiopian food for lunch. We loved it. Hill couldn't get enough of the spicy beef dish they made!!

We had so many questions for them, and they graciously answered all of them:) Avery loved trying out her Amharic counting skills! We look forward to continuing our relationship with them-- and partaking of a traditional coffee ceremony next visit!

Thank you!!!

All the kids! Our crew (Issy woke up with some allergic reaction in her eyes), Martha and Bryon's two, Maza and Doug's two, plus a cute nephew.

We have also crossed the week 10 mark. It feels like this sometimes. I'm daily having to put my faith into practice and rest at His feet, trusting in His perfect timing!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

send the love

I love PRODUCT(RED)! I love that you can purchase something that you already buy, and a portion of the proceeds go directly to Africa and the fight against AIDS. I have many (RED) shirts from the Gap, I'm trying to justify getting these really cute Converse low-tops, and now Hallmark has joined the (RED)campaign!! Just in time for Christmas. Please visit your local Hallmark store and support this great cause. Let your store know that you appreciate them making a difference. The proceeds go to the the Global Fund. I took the following from the join(RED) website.

The Global Fund has selected established grants with sound performance to receive money raised through (RED). To date, of the $45.5 million received by the Global Fund from the sale of (RED) products, $30.7 million has flowed directly to Global Fund financed grants in Ghana, Rwanda and Swaziland. In these countries this money is helping to finance comprehensive national HIV/AIDS programs led by the ministries of health, to provide antiretroviral treatment for children and adults, to assist in the prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV, as well as essential counseling and testing activities to reduce the overall risk of HIV transmission.

Additional contributions of funds will continue to be made to these programs as they achieve tangible, measurable results in their lifesaving work. Additional amounts of money are sent by the Global Fund to (RED) grants according to the grants’ own requests to the Global Fund – usually every 3 to 6 months – and additional amounts are sent once results have been reported and verified.

To read Impact Stories about beneficiaries of (RED) money in Africa, click on

The Global Fund
The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria was established in 2002 with the support of UN Secretary General Kofi Annan and the world's leaders, to dramatically increase resources to fight three of the world's most devastating diseases. Since its creation, the Global Fund has become the dominant financer of programs to fight AIDS, TB and malaria, with $8.4 billion invested in 136 countries.

The Global Fund is an innovative partnership of governments, non-profit organizations, and the private sector. It is not an implementing agency -- the Global Fund relies on local ownership, planning and expertise and enables countries to design and execute their own programs, but provides funds only on the basis of proven results to ensure that funds are used efficiently to create real change for people and communities.

Global Results
In five years, the Fund has achieved substantial results. As of September 2007, Global Fund financing has provided:

1.1 million people with treatment for HIV and AIDS
9.4 million people with voluntary HIV testing
1.2 million orphans with basic care and support
2.8 million people with treatment for tuberculosis
23 million people with treatment for malaria
30 million families with insecticide-treated mosquito nets
Donate to the Global Fund
Purchasing (PRODUCT) RED is just one way you can support the Global Fund. If you've been INSPI(RED) to do more, please make a contribution to the Global Fund. On the donation form, be sure to check the box designating that you want your money to go toward fighting AIDS in Africa.

Click here to see the Hallmark (RED) collection. Now getting wrapping and writing......send the love people!!
Monday, October 15, 2007


Week 9

Moody here….I asked Emily if I could post “week 9”. She graciously gave me the password and let me go!

The kids and I tried to be creative with #9. I think it typifies what’s going on in our lives right now. We took this pic Friday on our way to the girls’ karate belt test. (They did great by the way, while their black belt brothers helped.) If it’s not karate, it’s something else that tends to keep us moving. As hard as we try to “simplify life”, it continues to go at a fast pace as we wait for our children to come home.

This entire journey has been such a great opportunity to trust God and His sovereignty. When my mind begins to ask “how in the world do two more kids fit into this mix?”, “how do we plan a trip to Ethiopia on short notice?”, “what about missing two weeks of patients, practices, meetings..?” , I have been forced to ask myself if I really believe that God is in control., that He really does have a plan and cares about all the details. Honestly, it’s been good to be in a helpless state before Him, resting in His promises and trusting His provisions.

Here’s to the start of another week. Maybe this will be the week????

Thursday, October 11, 2007

game of tag

I've been tagged!! (by Jaclyn)

Ok, here it goes.

Jobs I've had:
1. babysitter
2. elementary school teacher
3. ENVP, Arbonne International
4. chauffeur, laundress, chef, nurse, counselor (worst paying, but the best by far)

Places I've lived:
1. Dallas, Texas
2. Waco, Texas -- Sic Em Bears!!
3. Arlingon, Texas
4. Do you feel sorry for me, only a 90 mile radius?? No wonder I like to travel!

Foods I love:
1. All things Mexican, especially the Mexican liquids:)
2. Salt and Fresh Ground Pepper, Kettle chips
3. Pizza
4. Chinese food

Places I'd Rather Be:
1. Ethiopia, of course!
2. Aspen, Colorado
3. Costa Rica- sis-in-law lives there and it is beautiful!
4. Bavaria- visiting friends in Germany and maybe take a little road trip to Italy

Movies I love:
1. Life is Beautiful
2. The Bourne trilogy
3. Miracle, Invincible (any sports movie really)
4. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

TV shows I love:
1. Office
2. 24
3. Brothers and Sisters
4. many reality shows, yes its true:) Top Chef, Project Runway, So You Think You Can Dance - and the list goes on!

Books I love:
1. Same Kind of Different as Me
2. Mark of the Lion series
3. Peace Like a River
4. There is No Me Without You

People I'm tagging:
1. Keva - The Fruit of the Spirit is Not a Coconut
2. Melissa- A Long Way From the Theta House
3. Lori- Adventure to Ethiopia
4. Jessica_- Twenty-Something
Tuesday, October 9, 2007

faith team

Please join me in praying for the Wheeler family. They are in a battle for their baby girl in Guatemala! Please visit their site to follow their story. They are praying for a miracle and trusting that God is indeed Mighty in Battle.

Who is this King of glory? The Lord, strong and mighty, the Lord, mighty in battle! Psalm 24:8

For you equipped me with strength for battle; you made those who rise against me sink under me. Psalm 18:39

Friday, October 5, 2007


It has been eight weeks of waiting for a referral. Jaclyn has been doing posts with numbers each week as they wait for sweet Judah's court date. I thought it was cute, and I hope she is ok with me pirating the idea!

Since Arlington will soon be home to the Dallas Cowboys, I decided to pay tribute to a Cowboy great-- Troy Aikman. Number 8! Praying the next 8 weeks will involve a referral for our kids.

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