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amazing photographer

amazing photographer
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Saturday, January 14, 2012

siblings and adoption

We get asked frequently what our older kids think of each adoption.  I love the question because it allows me to share the incredible love they all have for each other and how our older crew actually encouraged Moody and I to begin the adoption process from the start.

Each new arrival, just as bringing a baby home from the hospital, brings change to the dynamics of the family.

Abe came home and 6 weeks later we discovered that our world would never be the same.  Abe teaches my kids on a daily basis what it means to work really hard, he teaches them about perspective, what REALLY matters.  They each adore him.  Delight in him and are fiercely protective and proud of him.
Abe with each soon after coming home!  Look at that face. :)

Eyasu came home at 3 and was ready to play.  He immediately gave the older kids a playmate.  They taught him many new things: as evidence.

Now Miss Gigi is home and it has been pure joy to watch each child connect with her and she with them.  The big boys literally fight over her.  Nothing makes my heart swell like watching big teenage boys playing with their baby sister.  Avery and Izzy got to bond with her in country and they are each very motherly towards her.  She loves them.  Eyasu has a little sibling that he can play with and teach her things.  He has enjoyed both.  And Abe.......well it makes me cry.  Somehow she just knows.  She knows he is special.

Gigi will playfully hit and try to knock over the other 6 kids.  She is nothing but tender with Abe.  Strokes his face.  Pats him gently.  Gives big smiles to him!  And Abe thinks she is the most hilarious human on the planet.  He is currently fighting a bad cold and is short on smiles (hard to believe right?).  They were just in their high chairs and she was throwing food off of hers.  He could hardly breath he was laughing so hard.

So I typically answer the question of what they think of adding to our family something along the lines of "it is hands down the best thing we have done!" I love how they all relate to and love one another in their special ways.  I love adoption and the gift it is to Hill, Wick, Avery, Izzy, Eyasu, Abe and Gelila.  LOVE IT.

Friday, January 6, 2012

gigi airport video!

Sweet Kristin captured our homecoming! So thankful for the role she has played in each of our children's lives. You are a gift friend. Thank you.

"I will not leave you as orphans, I will come to you!"  John 14:18
ONE LESS.  An orphan no more.  She is home. FOREVER.  Soli Deo Gloria.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

ethiopia with gigi

Thank you Grace for putting this together for us!  What joy it was to have your mom on the trip.

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