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amazing photographer
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Friday, July 29, 2011

drought relief in Ethiopia

The drought in the horn of Africa is so tragic.  Not sure what to do, where to give??? Please consider giving here to the new campaign that A Glimmer of Hope is doing for relief in Ethiopia.  

This is from the Glimmer website:

All are shocked by the news of the crisis in East Africa. Most want to help. The question is: Where is the best place to send your money? Glimmer is offering help.  We are launching an Emergency Relief Campaign for Ethiopia to help reduce human suffering in the areas affected by the drought and famine. Glimmer kicked off the campaign with a donation of $100,000. We are in the process of partnering with leading international NGOs and relief agencies to assist with the crisis. We are picking our partners carefully based on specific criteria –established in Ethiopia, experienced in emergency relief, and after we review their detailed plans.  100% of all donations given to the Emergency Relief Campaign for Ethiopiawill go to our partners to help some of the 3.2 million Ethiopians facing hunger, and people arriving from Somalia, who are in desperate need for food, water, shelter and medical care.
A humanitarian crisis is unfolding in East Africa, including Ethiopia. Thousands of people, mainly children, have already died in East Africa - in Ethiopia, in Kenya and Somalia. Hundreds of thousands are fleeing their homes, walking in extreme conditions, in search of refuge and makeshift camps. They are desperate for food, water, and medical care. Millions of people are at the risk of starvation, and malnutrition
The drought specifically affects Ethiopia in the south and east. The Early Warning System helped to alert and engage aid agencies. The Ethiopian government has appealed for $400 million in aid for food, supplements for mothers and children, as well as health and nutrition, water and sanitation. Major camps in Dolo Ado, Ethiopia are on the border with Somalia serving 114,000 people with water, food, shelter and medical care.
Today they need your help. Spread the word. Tell your friends, and join the cause. Things are moving fast. More to follow shortly.


missy said...

thank you SO much for posting this. my heart and my prayers have been engaged, but we have been asking that very question "where should we give?". thanks for highlighting glimmer's efforts.

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