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amazing photographer
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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

boys trip

My boys just got back from an incredible weekend in NYC.  They went with Moody, Moody's dad, M's brother and his two sons.  All of the male Alexander's.  Moody's brother and his family live in Colorado so this was a treat for all of them to be together for this special trip.

They went to watch the Rangers play for the last time in Yankee stadium.  They are tearing down the House the Ruth built after this baseball season.  I think they had an amazing time.  

I am trying to figure out what the Alexander women's trip is going to be---I'm thinking beach, spa, margaritas............ahhhhhh!!!

Oh, look what they brought me! A sweet Psling for baby A. :)  I love it.


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Misty said...

how fun for the boys! i would like to go on record and say Hill, i really like the long hair! ;O) the Psling is so cool! i know you cannot WAIT to put A in that!!! sweet baby!

Candy said...

Love these pictures! Can't wait to hear from the boys all about this fabulous trip. Yeah, Daddy Wick! What a great idea and trip.

sparkz said...

Sweet. It looks like they had fun. I wouldn't mind that trip one bit myself! I have always wondered what those slings were called. They look like they work really well.

A Team said...

That is absolutely precious!
I can just imagine you with that precious baby boy in there :-)


Your boys are precious!

Lori said...

Awesome boys weekend and I'm sure the girls "ripped it up" in TX while they were away!

They look adorable, oh, little boys are so great! The picture of them in the store is priceless... I'm so excited that they bought you the Psling.... how amazingly thoughtful and sweet!

xo Lor


i am think a trip to TN would be fabulous ... i can make some drinks, i have a pool we can pretend is the beach and you know we would have a blast ...

the sling is just perfect for you ... now what about that big van ???

Erica said...

Oh how fun!! Looks like the boys had a great time! Love the Psling!

Ellen said...

We saw them on TV! It showed them for like 30 seconds! Glad they didn't get beat up for wearing Rangers shirts into Yankee Stadium. :)

Melissa said...

What an amazing trip! Love the psling. Can't wait to see your new denim jumper, too!

couldn't resist.

Holli said...

so fun can i be a girl Alexander? I am sure the boys in my life wouldn't have minded being a A team boy as well!

Anonymous said...

My mom has a few denim jumpers hanging around she could surely give you...just sayin

Sweet boys. I love them so stinkin much. Can't wait for the new Alexander boy. Soon...soon!!!!

Eric & Tara said...

What sweet boys you have to bring you such a great gift! So when you say "Alexander girls", could that also include a Silvestri girl???....just wondering.

The Albertsons said...

I'm with Tara... haven't I asked you to adopt me before :) ???
So glad your boys had a great time! Half my sibs were in NYC at the same time as your boys, it seems. My parents grew up just outside the city and miss it!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!

Hauswife said...

FUN! What a fantastic memory for your boys! Em, that last photo is so precious... What sweet boys you have! Very COOL to put on the psling and pose for a shot.
I'm inviting myself to girls' weekend, by the way. ;)

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